Amazing Sage Staff

Sage Fox Staff

Welcome to our Sage Fox Staff Page!

We have a talented and hardworking staff for students at Sage Elementary!

N. Torstenbo, Principal


B. Upton, Secretary


A. Bodenhagen, Office Assistant


C. Bjork, Resource


M. Beyer, Resource


K. Lidle, ACP


C. Spawn, ABP/ADLS


S. Landon, Health/ PE


J. Harkins, Art


W. Compton, Music


C. Allred, Library


E. Thierichen, Tiltle III


C. Carnahan, Speech Language Pathologist


H. Lyman, Occupational Therapist


K. Medina, Physical Therapist


H. Anderson, Adaptive PE

S. Peltier, Adaptive PE

Sage Paraprofessionals

T. Ballance


S. Bertagnolli


K. Flansburg


J. Lee


B. Fors


B. Larson


D. Counts