Lockdown Procedure

Sage Elementary School Lockdown Procedure


Lock all entrances.

Close and lock all windows.

Pull down all shades in classrooms.

Allow no outside activities.

Allow no one to enter the building.

Allow no movement inside the building. All students should be seated away from the door and windows.

Slide your green card under the door to indicate there is no intruder in your room.

Notify Director of Human Resources when moving to this stage at 352.3400

The office staff will announce when you can unlock your doors and continue with the school day. The office staff will say, " Lockdown drill is now over."

Refer to the Crisis Intervention Manual for further details.



Sage Fire Drill/Evacuation Procedures



As the alarm is activated please do the following:

All students and staff need to exit the building in a safe manner.

Bring your roster and red emergency bag.

Follow your exit route plan and walk quickly to your identified safe zone.

Hold your roster up in the air so for office personnel to view. This will signify that all of your students are safely outside.

Remain outside in your safe zone until the orange flag is waved in the air, or the office staff makes an announcement stating the drill is over.

Once the flag is waved, proceed back into the building.