Sage Interventions


DreamBox Learning:

DreamBox Learning is an online elementary math program that raises student performance and confidence. DreamBox combines engaging, adaptive lessons with the current reporting educators need to individualize instruction.  This program adapts its rigorous math curriculum for all learners, regardless of level.  It provides the in-depth, real-time reporting teachers need with an engaging learning environment that students love.

Harcourt Reading Program:
Research-based adopted core curriculum of SSCD#1.  The program consists of phonics, spelling, reading strategies, vocabulary and writing.  The program uses differentiated instruction on four levels; advanced, on level, below level and English language learners.

Hampton Brown Avenues ELL:
Hamptons-Brown’s curriculum programs are based on the most current scientifically based research in the areas of reading and language acquisition.  Specialized research-based strategies, at the heart of all the Hampton-Brown’s programs, are designed specifically for English learners and struggling readers to accelerate growth in language, literacy, and content.  (

Everyday Mathematics:
Adopted core curriculum of SCSD#1.  Everyday Mathematics uses a variety of instructional techniques to help students explore, discover and learn mathematics.

Harcourt Reading Interventions:
Researched-based adopted core curriculum intervention program of SCSD#1.  The program  consists of phonics, spelling, reading strategies, vocabulary and writing.  The program uses differentiated instruction on four levels; advanced, on-level, below level and English language learners.  The intervention program allows for re-teaching of skills, review, and added support to help strugglling readers/learners.

Fastt Math:
The Fastt Math intervention program uses the research-validated Fastt system (Fluency and Automaticity through Systematic Teaching with Technology) to help all students develop fluency with basic math facts.  Fastt Math automatically differentiates instruction based on each student’s individual fluency levels in customized, 10-minute daily sessions.  (

Flooded Reading Instruction:
Whole group instruction centered on student skill needs.  Students are divided into smaller groups to help assist in meeting individual and small group reading skills.

Math Recovery:
An intensive one-on-one math intervention program that works with identified students in a one-on one setting for 40 minutes daily.

Wilson Reading:
Intensive reading intervention program for identified students in a one-on-one setting for 40 minutes daily.

Positive Behavior support is a school wide behavior support plan.

Social Skills:
Teaching of student social skills in the classroom, playground, and other social areas of the school.

Pizza with the Principal:
Monthly behavior incentive program designed to reward students who have exhibited good behaviors both inside and outside of the classroom.  Students earn a special lunch with Mrs. Searle if selected by their classroom teacher for outstanding behavior conducive to learning environment.

Stop and Think:
Focused on teaching students interpersonal, problem solving, and conflict resolution skills, the four Stop & Think levels insure that all skills are taught in a developmentally sensitive and appropriate way.  Each level concentrates on 10 core and 10 advanced skills.  These are practical skills that help students to manage their own behavior and successfully interact with others:  Listening, Following Directions, Asking for Help, Ignoring Distractions, Accepting Consequences, Apologizing, Dealing with Teasing, Handling Peer Pressure, and How to Set Goals.

Play Attention:
The Play Attention Interactive Learning Tools is to be incorporated as an integral component of an overall plan to develop attentions and metacognitive skills with children and adults.  It is intended to assist the individual in developing and understanding his/her potential in controlling attention and behavior.  By using Play Attention combined with an appropriate learning environment, positive re-enforcement, study skills, coping skills and other programs the user can learn to greatly improve attention and behavior.

Fundations is a multisensory, systematic phonics, spelling, and handwriting program that benefits all k-3 students.  Addresses all five areas of reading instruction (phonemic awareness, phonics and word study, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension, plus spelling and handwriting, in an integrated approach.

Reading Mastery:
The signature edition consists of three strands for students in Grades K through 5.  The strands are (1) Reading and Spelling, (2) Language Arts, and (3) Literature.  The reading and spelling strand is scheduled daily and presents core decoding, comprehension, and spelling activities.  The language arts strand and the Literature strand are designed to complement the reading strand.  All three Reading Mastery Signature Edition strands have clearly stated goals and objectives.

Read Naturally:
The Read Naturally program provides a method to improve reading fluency.  Most struggling readers have fluency problems and spend little time reading.  The program combines three powerful strategies for improving fluency: teacher modeling, repeated reading, and progress monitoring.

Check and Connect:
Check and Connect is an intervention to help support students who may have poor attendance and/or work habits.  The intervention is designed to help promote student involvement in their education.


The goal of Sage Elementary School is to help ALL students to be successful in an academic and social setting.  Our goal is to make learning fun and have all students become active participants in their education.


If your child is in need of intervention or enrichment, they will be referred to the Achievement Monitoring Process Team (AMP).  This team consists of Sage Elementary team members dedicated to helping all students be successful.  The AMP team will decide on the placement of your child based on their academic needs.  All parents will be notified prior to placement in an intervention program.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call your child’s classroom teacher of the school office at 352-3270.