School Safety

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Parent Pick Up and Drop Off Procedures


Arrival Procedures

All students are required to have face coverings on to enter the building. Bus students will enter the building through the Primary K-1 Playground doors.  Bus students will need to have their temperature re-checked prior to entering the building.  Walkers will enter the building through the front doors.  Bike riders will enter the building through the primary and intermediate playground doors.  Students who are dropped off by a parent will utilize the entire drop off lane in front of the school to drop their child(ren).  Students entering the building may either use the front doors or the Primary or Intermediate Playground doors.  


Teachers will be in the building at 7:50 am and at their assigned duty at 7:55 am.  Students in grades 2-4 may get their breakfast and head to their classroom.  Students in K-1 may stay in the cafeteria and physically distant themselves.


Dismissal Procedures

Parents that choose to change the plan for how their child gets home must do so by 3:00 pm each day by notifying the office. As a general procedure, we ask that parents not enter the building to retrieve their child.  Classify your child as a walker/bus rider, parent pick-up, or a bus rider.   


Walkers/Bike Riders:

Walkers and bike riders will be dismissed out the door from their classroom at 3:20 pm and will leave through the west doors by the gym.  If your child has sibling at Pilot Butte, please have the older sibling walk to Sage along the sidewalk area and wait for them at the stop sign and crosswalk area.  All kindergarten walkers will take their backpacks to specials to be picked up by the kindergarten teacher to be released for the day.  Please meet or pick up the child outside on the grass area by the stop sign if you are picking up your child in person. Please do not classify your child as a ‘walker’ and park across the street on Summit so the child and/or adult is crossing traffic.  This is a safety concern and slows the flow of traffic.  Also, please do not make a u-turn on the road after picking up your child.


Parent Pick up: 

At 3:25 pm the bell will ring for parent pick up to leave. We will be keeping the traffic flowing with parent pick-up. Parents will stay in their car and drive the loop up to pick-up student(s). Each car will be given a number and the student will be given the same number on a backpack tag. Please display your number in the car window. When students are outside there will be four cones and students will be lined up by cone number.  Four vehicles will be loaded at a time and leave.  Students MAY NOT cross the parking lot to get into their car and we ask that parents do not get out of their vehicles to retrieve their child.



As soon as parent pick up students have cleared the hallway, the bus students will exit to three separate designated holding areas for buses. The designated ‘bus’ teacher for each grade level will supervise students and take them to the bus. 



Inclement Weather


On days when it seems imminent that school may be closed due to inclement weather, including severe storms, please listen to the following radio stations for an announcement regarding a school Snow Day:

KRKK            1360 AM
KSIT             99.7 FM
KZWB            97.9 FM
KFRZ            92.1 FM
KUGR          1490 AM
KQSW            96.5 FM
KYCS            95.1 FM

If schools are closed due to a Snow Day, the decision will be made prior to 7:00 a.m. by district officials; and the radio station identified above will announce the decision by 7:00 a.m. If students are to come to school on a wintry day, please insure their safety by providing the proper clothing for Wyoming winter.            


When temperatures drop below 0 degrees Fahrenheit, outdoor recesses may be moved inside the building or canceled. Please dress student accordingly for the weather, as it can be very cold and windy on our playground.

Standard Response Protocol